New maintenance schedule for Maggie Houlihan Dog Park

From the city website:
The City of Encinitas has announced its maintenance schedule for the Maggie Houlihan Memorial Dog Park, which is part of the recently-opened Encinitas Community Park located at 425 Santa Fe Drive.

The maintenance schedule will ensure that the dog park remains in good condition, and it takes effect March 12 as listed below:

  • The dog park will be closed every Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m. for cleaning, turf maintenance and odor control treatments.
  • The dog park will be closed April 27 through May 21 for turf renovations and grounds maintenance.
  • If needed, the dog park may be closed Sept. 8 through 20 for turf renovations and grounds maintenance.

City staff will evaluate the success of the first renovation to determine if the closures can be shorter in the future.

This schedule will be available for reference on the city website, and signs will be posted near the dog park to alert the public to the closures. In observance of the holidays, the dog park will remain open for Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

Please note that the dog park is subject to unscheduled closures after periods of heavy rain or other inclement weather.