Village Park Off-Leash Trail

East of El Camino Real between Encinitas Blvd. & Mountain Vista Rd.

PADZ has adopted the Village Park Trail as part of the Encinitas Adopt-A-Trail program. We will have quarterly clean-ups, and hope to enrich the site with appropriate native habitat.

No water available on site.

This area is not 100% fenced.
If you’re dog is not under full voice control keep your dog leashed until well away from roads/entrances. Also, be mindful of neighboring homes that may not have dog-proof fencing.

When you arrive please keep your dog leashed until you are INSIDE the fence!

This area is not developed.
This is a great trail walk, your dog will love the smells, but keep an eye out for prickly pear cactus in a couple of place. Unfortunately you also need to keep an eye out for garbage (bring a spare bag and help keep things clean!). While the city does take an active part in improving the site (such as adding a small bridge over a culvert, and covering a large open drain system) it’s up to the users to help keep it clean.

Entrances are marked with a red X on the map at right. Bags and trash cans are only available at the entrances, so be sure to carry more than you think you’ll need (you can help keep the trail clean by picking up lost poop with your spare bag!).

Ample parking is available on Mt. Vista, and limited parking is available on neighborhood streets.

There is no parking available on Encinitas Blvd.

If entering at Mt. Vista, be prepared for a bit of a climb to the rest of the trail (follow the trail signs for the easiest approach). For easy walking enter at the South end of the park.

Native Plants You Can Find On This Trail (unfortunately many of the smaller flowering plants have been destroyed since this list was compiled)

(click on the name to see a photo on CalFlora)

Black Sagesdge2
Bush Sunflower
Christmas Berry
California Buckwheat
California Sagebrush
Sticky Monkeyflower (red)
Coast White Lilac
Coastal Scrub Oak

Coyote Bushsdge1
Lemonade Sumac
Laurel Sumac
Manzanita (Del Mar?)
Mohave Yucca
Purple Nightshade
Prickly Pear Cactus
Ramona Lilac
Rock Rose
Rush Rose
Salt Grass
Twiggy Wreath
Wild Cucumber

Check out “What Grows Here?” on CalFlora

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